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Welcome to Skidoo Ceramica, where we combine the best of tradition and innovation to create beautiful spaces for you. Our journey started in 2009 when Pranjivanbhai Pethani, a visionary in his time, laid the foundation of our family's commitment to quality and integrity. Today, three brothers proudly lead Skidoo Ceramica, carrying forward these values.We've come a long way since then. Skidoo Ceramica now reaches more than 23 countries, thanks to partnerships with five factories, ensuring you get the best in quality.
We're not just about tiles; we're about turning spaces into something special. Our range includes tiles, slabs, wall tiles, floor tiles, and SPC flooring. We're here to make your spaces uniquely beautiful. We believe spaces should tell stories. That's why we constantly explore new designs and ideas to offer you the best. Our products reflect creativity and quality, making your spaces truly unique. When you choose Skidoo Ceramica, you become part of our legacy. Every product we offer is made with passion and excellence. Let's create beautiful spaces together.
Our world is all about merging creativity with quality. We invite you to explore our products and discover the endless possibilities they offer. Skidoo Ceramica is known for its architectural brilliance in opulent hotels and bespoke residences. Join us on this journey where tradition and innovation meet, and your dream spaces become a reality.

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Consistently exceeding expectations, Skidoo Ceramica delivers excellence in design and quality—our trusted partner for elevating interior aesthetics.


Exceptional service, timely delivery, and premium tiles—Skidoo Ceramica sets the standard for excellence in the industry.


Impeccable attention to detail and a commitment to innovation—Skidoo Ceramica consistently provides tiles that redefine the beauty of our projects.


Every project shines with the touch of Skidoo Ceramica; their tiles not only meet but exceed our expectations, making them an invaluable resource for our business.

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